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We also custom fabricate aerial and circus equipment, apparatuses, to your specifications.

While flying trapeze school is very exciting and fun, the risks involved are mostly emotional.Wether your just getting started with flying trapeze, looking for one-on-one training, ready to move into professional and instructor trainings or just feel your want a little personal attention outside of the classes we offer private instruction. whois

Our Circus School offers training for students of all ages and experience levels, from total beginners to professional circus performers.

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Trapeze Arts, Inc., started in 1994, under the artistic directorship of Stephan Gaudreau, continues to teach flying trapeze and other circus arts to adults and children.We prepared the full report and history for across the most popular social networks.

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We have approximately 10,000 sq.ft. of well padded space, filled with a flying trapeze, trampolines, trapezes, hoops, tissues, ropes, a tightwire, tumbletrack trampoline, unicycles and all kinds of juggling.Stepping from the quiet of a convent to the blare of the big top Antoinette Concello learned how to fly without wings and became the greatest of them all.They are also invaluable for learning improved technique and form.TSCA drop-in flying trapeze classes are designed to help you build skill without committing to a whole session.She traveled the nation to study the sport with a number of world famous trapeze artists, and finds the study a lifetime passion.

Flying Trapeze School Take a swing on the flying trapeze with professional instructors.In addition to classes at the Oakland facility, Trapeze Arts teaches trapeze and circus arts for corporate events, birthday parties, after school programs, and youth camps.


Circus classes teach foundational circus artistry while building life-enhancing skills such as.

Our curriculum includes traditional circus arts such as aerial silks, trapeze, aerial hoop, partner acrobatics, hula hoop dance, fire performance and much more.Theflyingtrapezeschool has a poor activity level in StumbleUpon with only 129 shares.

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Since 1994, Trapeze Arts, Inc. has been teaching flying trapeze and circus arts to both adults and children, and is one of only a handful of full time Circus Schools in the United States.

Designed for all levels, the classes are held at 7pm on Friday nights, all year round.

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The instructors were amazing and had us doing tricks in the air that we would never have thought we could do.

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Flying Trapeze class cards cannot be used for regular circus classes.Born through a dream to share our passion for flying with others, Trapeze High is a school and training facility for people of all ages, abilities and skill levels.

Run away with us for 2 hours and be shocked by your own feats of daring.

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Whether it’s first time, or you’re highly experienced, you will still feel the exhilaration.

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Thank you to Mark, Miguel, Gaby and team for making me feel safe each and every time I come.

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The Trapeze School New York has two locations, an indoor arena located on 30th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues, and a beautiful outdoor facility on top of Pier 40, in Hudson River Park, adjacent to Houston Street in NYC.

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